Welcome to Snuggles of Love!

For as far back as I can remember sewing has been my creative outlet. As a child I sewed simple items with the help of my Mom, and by my pre-teen years I had advanced to sewing clothes for myself and family. I remember somehow convincing my 8th grade science teacher to let me “invent” a dress for my class invention project. In high school I started sewing historical costumes for Renaissance Faires, Civil War reenactments and the like.

In college I toyed with pursuing a degree in fashion design, but the practical side of me argued that I’d likely never make a career out of sewing, costumes, design, etc. so I should obtain a degree in something “useful” instead. I graduated college with my BS in Psychology. Looking back I should have followed my heart, as I haven't done too much with my degree. After college I started working my first "real job", while spending all of my spare time designing, sewing and selling historical costumes through eBay. After about a year and a half I applied for a costuming job with a Los Angeles theater company, and when offered the position made the decision to take a chance on a dream and quit my day job to pursue costuming full time.

I worked the next five years making costumes for various theaters and film/television studios throughout Los Angeles and Hollywood. I absolutely LOVED this time in my life. While the sometimes 2+ hour a day commute in LA traffic was less that ideal, working with amazingly talented individuals and creating all day long was incredibly rewarding. To fill the gaps between costuming jobs Snuggles of Love was born in early 2009. What started as a very small Etsy shop grew over the next few years into a full time business that I manage today. I have been incredibly blessed by so many wonderful customers over the years, I can't thank you enough for supporting my business and helping support my family.

My life has personally changed quite a bit since my debut on Etsy back in January 2009. In these almost 10 years I've gained a husband, welcomed babies into the world, and moved some 4,500 miles between California, Iowa and now Utah. Despite the challenges that come with trying to balance family and business, I couldn't be happier doing what I do! There is something so special and magical about Christmas stockings. They bring up so many wonderful memories of Christmases past and hopes for Christmases to come. I honestly don't think I will ever get tired of creating stockings - even when I'm sewing stockings in the spring to gear up for the coming winter season they still carry the same magic.

Thank you for visiting my shop and supporting my business, I truly appreciate each and every customer.

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